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This organisation located in the mountains of South India supports young women.

I personally met Lilian when visiting Kenya in 2019 and I stayed at Enaidura Luxury Camp in the Maasai Mara where she was working.

I admired the beadwork that was for sale here and I purchased a few items, but I was short of cash for one pair of earrings, so Lilian let me take them and I told her I would get the money from my tent later.  When I came back to pay for them Lilian told me they “had been taken care of” but wouldn’t say any more – just smiled and told me no worries. It was my birthday that day, and the team at Enaidura made me feel very special, but when I found out later that the earrings were a gift for me from Lilian herself I was extremely humbled and grateful.

What a beautiful gesture from my sister!

Lilian and I kept in touch via Facebook, and we often touched base to check in on each other during Covid, knowing that both of our livelihoods relied on tourism.

It would be almost an entire year after Lilian gifted me those earrings, but we got chatting one day about them and she told me her story …..

Our beadwork business name is called "Nachami" - it drives from a Samburu word meaning "the most loved".

Since my mum is a widow she tried her best to support all of her 8 children - 5 boys and 3 girls by making and selling beadwork.

My mum is very talented and beadwork is a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. She has taught me and my sisters and cousins how to do beadwork and we will pass this on to our own daughters. It is very important to us to preserve and pass on this tradition so that it is still carried o for generations to come.

My mums dream is to see her children excelling in whatever they like most to achieve their desired dreams in their careers, she's determined through her beadwork to support her children in education from the little she earned.

Covid has had a very big impact on our ability to sell the beads as we have very little tourists visiting and money is tight for the locals to survive.

Our bead work are made with the most love and with a unique style as well as priced uniquely – we hope you find a beautiful piece and we thank you for your support.